Fine Art :
|- Baseball Paintings
|_ Sticks and Stones
Graphic Design :
|_ Wine Labels
|- Vineyard Paintings

Tom Rodrigues has been a professional artist since he was fifteen, and has explored his many and varied interests in several mediums for over 30 years.

As Tom's work has appeared in fine galleries and private collections around the United States, his name has become increasingly known for his unique vision. In addition to the galleries and collections where Tom's fine art currently resides, for 20 years Tom has created world-renowned, award-winning wine labels. His baseball paintings, prints, serigraphs and assorted memorabilia are collected worldwide and are represented on permanent exhibition in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Tom Rodrigues has let his passion be the light that has led him to be successful in all the mediums you will see here. This is the world as Tom sees it. Enjoy your visit.